Welcome Page – Brand Ambassador at Fishing Icons.

-Welcome Page – Brand Ambassador at Fishing Icons.
Welcome Page – Brand Ambassador at Fishing Icons. 2017-07-06T13:15:36+00:00

Welcome to the team! Congratulations for being accepted to be a brand ambassador for Team Fishing Icons.

Together, our goal is to spread brand recognition of Fishing Icons to the fishing industry, our basic style is “minimal design to show our passion for fishing through icons”.

As part of the team we require a couple of things:

  • First, you have to purchase a brand ambassador kit (25% OFF exclcusive to you), click here.  WHY NOT FREE? People do not value free stuff, we need your commitment if you are going to be a brand ambassador and having some skin in the game gives us some form of assurance that you are serious with this role.
  • You need to proclaim on your social media about your Fishing Icons brand ambassador status.
  • You should post your catch with your gear.
  • Your social media posts should have #fishingicons tag in them when you wear your Fishing Icons gear.
  • If possible, put a link to www.fishingicons.com on your profile.

Now what do you get in return:

  • A profile page on our website as brand ambassador once you pass 3 months of membership as well as satisfactorily represented our brand on social media.
  • An affiliate program where you will make money from sales you have directed to us. When an order is made using your code as a discount code, you receive 10% of that sale.
  • Big discounts on products, we will regularly send email updates only to you.
  • FREE Fishing Icons Hat on your first purchase over $50.
  • Early Access to new Fishing Icons stuff.
  • Exclusive designs just for brand ambassadors and team only giveaways and competitions.

Please email [email protected] for more info.

Congrats again, let’s do this!